Monday, February 27, 2012

Rug Sales and Our Return Policy

We have a detailed sales and return policy on our website. It reads:

4- There is no return on machine-made area rugs, Shag rugs, Silk rugs, natural or artificial, and tapestries. There is only a three-day exchange with similar or higher priced items. The item should be in a good condition, without wear, without dirt, dust or any damage when returned.

5- There is no return on the items which are on sale, promotion, clearance or discounted items. There is no return or exchange on rug pads.

Last year on the Black Friday and the day after that, November 25, and 26, 2011 we had a huge 50% off tent sale. A customer came into our rug store and spent almost two hours and selected four area rugs out of maybe 50 rugs. She was not sure if these were the right types and color so she took pictures of all selected rugs and texted those pictures to her husband. They called back and forth for several times and finally agreed upon what they liked to buy. We applied the 50% discount and this lady paid by credit card and took the rugs.

After 40 days she called in and said she did not like the carpets and would like to return them. Our store manager said that we had no return on the items which were on sale with several signs posted at our store mentioning: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. She said I will return them. As a courtesy, our store manager offered her to exchange the rugs and she said NO. I will return the carpets and will get my money back. She sounded very confident that she would return the carpets!

Last week, we received a note from Visa Credit Card that they had taken money out of our bank account and had credited that customer. It was frustrating. Our store manager and his assistant  called Visa and then spent a whole afternoon writing the story and what had gone between them and the client. They also took several pictures of the ALL SALES ARE FINAL signs at our store and e-mailed the file and mailed the documents and the pictures to Visa Credit Card company.

In a few days, we received a letter from the Visa mentioning that they had credited our bank account. They were convinced that the customer's claim was baseless and invalid. Our store manager and his assistant were so happy to see justice done.

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Carpet UK said...

Its best that one's policy on the sales and return are clear and precise.

Nathan544 said...

It's sad, but I've learned that when you are
in the service business, every so often, you are going to encounter one of these "special" customers. I've always liked the NIRC slogan: "The Mark of Integrity", and it certainly is fitting in your case. I'm glad to see the truth prevailed!

Nathan in MI

Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Thank you Nathan. It was good to teach this customer a lesson. It wasn't about the money. It was the principles.