Friday, February 10, 2012


Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs. Recently-made kilims are popular floor-coverings in Western households. Kilims are produced by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. Most kilim weaves are "weft-facing", i.e., the horizontal weft strands are pulled tightly downward so that they hide the vertical warp strands.
Because kilims are often cheaper than pile rugs, beginning carpet collectors often start with them. Kilims have become increasingly collectible in themselves in recent years, with quality pieces now commanding high prices. Because kilims were not a major export commodity, there were no foreign market pressures changing the designs, as happened with pile carpets. Once collectors began to value authentic village weaving, kilims became popular. Now, many kilims are woven for export. 
Come on down to our showroom and check out our selection of kilims that can brighten up your household and change the feel of a room. If you have a kilim already and need it professionally cleaned or repaired contact us and we can help bring it back into shape.

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