Friday, June 29, 2012

Persian & Oriental Rugs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think quality rugs and carpets? Persian rugs, naturally. Carpets held significant meaning to the Persians as long as 2500 years ago. The rugs and carpets were so important to the culture that they were commonly incorporated into the literature of the time. Persian artistic influence reached its apex in the 14th to 16th centuries with its carpets, rugs and tapestries (kilims). It began exporting these quality items in the 16th century. Because of the popularity of these products, America and other countries started Iranian factories in the 19th century to keep the art form and productivity alive.
Carpets and rugs are still some of the most valued possessions of Iranians even today. The design of each carpet and rug is unique, and can be individually linked to a specific area, town or tribe. There are some Iranians whose entire fortunes are tied up in these pieces of art.
Oriental rugs and carpeting are an art form of such intricate detail that the words “Oriental rugs” have become nearly synonymous with any kind of carpeting with a pattern design. However, most of these rugs are not really Oriental rugs at all. The genuine articles come from Iran but countries such as China , India , Afghanistan , Turkey and other surrounding nations also make rugs many of which use Persian rug designs. Genuine Oriental rugs and carpets are woven or tied in rows using knots called Persian or Senneh knots.
We know whether the products are made of wool, real or artificial silk. We know the tricks of unscrupulous manufacturers who make cheap imitations. We watch for and produce, and import only the finest products available. Many families teach their members to weave and carry on the fine traditions of oriental carpet weaving. By importing these handmade family products we believe that we are helping the weavers to make rugs while their children attend school.
We have all types of Persian, Oriental and area (machine made) rugs in different color combinations, designs and sizes. We are second generation in rug business since 1953. You can benefit from our decades of experience. We are either board member or member of many professional societies and rug is our passion. You will appreciate our eye for authenticity. The stunning esthetic beauty of our rugs and carpets will capture your imagination.
The tradition of fine Persian and Oriental workmanship and art continues today at our store in Los Angeles . For unsurpassed quality in Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs, visit us at our store in Irvine . You will find no finer merchandise anywhere in southern California . We are also conveniently located within easy travel distance of Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Santa Barbara, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Tustin, Santa Ana and others. Trust us—it will be worth the drive.

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Hi...This is an innovative post on Oriental Rugs. God Bless you for this new business.

Becca@Carpet Cleaning Melbourne said...

I am glad that you are highlighting Persian and Oriental rugs, how they are adapting to the changing times and rising above the difficulties of their lives.
This is more proof that hand knotted rugs will still have a place in our homes and hearts.