Monday, July 2, 2012

Custom Repair - Nepalese Rug

We had a custom repair request come in last week involving a beautiful Nepalese rug. The owner had purchased the rug in New York and had it for many years but one thing bothered her enough over time to find out her options of customizing the rug. The problem was the fringes; they were always getting caught in her vacuum. The fringes had become battered because of this and the owner was just tired of dealing with them. Take a look below:
She explained her problem to us at our showroom and we told her we could definitely get rid of the fringe and secure the ends with binding just like on the sides of the rug. She was ecstatic with this idea and immediately said yes to the idea; after our deep cleaning of course(we always recommend cleaning your rug before doing repairs so that you get a fresh, clean, repaired rug back). All the binding was done by hand by one of our master weavers; take a look at the results below:
Needless to say our customer was extremely happy with how everything turned out. She no longer has to deal with the fringes and she was very happy with her new custom rug. It is vibrant from the deep cleaning and is not going to cause her the headaches from trying to prevent the fringes from being sucked in by her vacuum. Here's to another successful custom rug job at Rug Ideas!

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