Thursday, November 1, 2007

Area Rugs and a friend who passed away in New York City

Today, a gentleman came into our rug gallery with his wife looking for an area rug. The husband and the wife had different ideas about the rug they were going to buy . They argued several times before they could reach an agreement. When they found a red 10x7 feet (ca. 6 m2) area rug from Kashan, the husband said that he did not have his new credit card for which he would get some points and benefits. The wife asked her husband to go home and bring it and she wanted us to cover their rug with another rug so no one could see it. The husband did not bargain but the wife said "Please give us a better price and we will give you cash". I said regardless of the means of payment, whether it is cash, check or credit card, you would have to pay sales tax which is 8.25%. They asked our working hours and I said that we would be working until 6:00 pm. They left and said they might comeback today.

Right after they left, another couple came in looking for an 8x11 feet (240x340 cm) area rug in deep dark red (Burgundy). I showed them few rugs and they liked one of them. They had a very quiet 9 months old cute son. The man said that they had a limited budget and the wife mentioned that with Christmas approaching, they would have so many other expenses to take care of. The wife liked the carpet very much and I could not see them leave without having the area rug they liked. I accepted their offer. They paid part of the price in cash and the rest with a debit card. I gave them a couple of gifts, a heart shape key chain for the lady and a fine pen to the gentleman. They were happy and left with smile. They also need a rug for their son's room and they will come back later when the husband receives his new check.

The first customer called me to make sure that I would stay until he gets to our rug gallery. I assured him that I would. He came in around 5:30 pm and bought the rug they wanted with a rug pad (underlay). He asked me not to charge his new credit card for a few days, probably seven business days until this new card is activated. I agreed and trusted him so he took the rug and the rug pad home. I wrote down the credit card information.

My helper and I had to pack few bales to be sent to another state for another customer. We finished the packing around 6:00 pm. Our repairman said he would stay up to 8:00 pm to take care of a Pakistani rug we have for repair and weaving. This 10x14 rug (ca. 12 m2) is severely damaged by moth. It has taken few days of our time to repair it. We had to do the warping and wefting to be able to weave the damaged parts.

Today, I learned that a friend who was an importer of rugs passed away in New Jersey. Mr. Amin, from Iran was a fine gentleman who died a couple of days ago. I sent an e-mail and faxed a letter of condolences to his sons Mikel and David who run their rug import business in New Jersey. They are very well-known and correct rug dealers living in New York City.

I guess I wrote enough for today.

Khosrow Sobhe

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