Friday, November 9, 2007

The Rug Market Is Getting a Little Better!

We are receiving more inquiries from our customers in regard with buying, cleaning and repair. It maybe because of the season and approaching holidays and the new year. We took several rugs to a customer who had a beautiful house on a hill surrounded by fog in North Beverly Hills. They are remodeling the house and will have a charity party. They did not have time to come to our store so we were supposed to take rugs to their house which we did. They did not like any of our rugs. They were traditional classic design Persian rugs. I said then you need maybe a non-Persian rug. The husband said no other rugs please. We only would like to have a Persian rug. They liked an Ivory Kashan runner which they kept. They said they would find a time to sneak out from their house which is full of workers of different types to come to our store to select the rug they want. We have several beautiful silk on silk Persian Qum rugs with very pastel colors which they should like if they want to pay the price.

Khodrow Sobhe

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