Monday, November 5, 2007

A Busy Day!

Today was a busy day. I went to a colleague's rug shop with our repairman to see an old big Persian Bidjar which needed some professional work. In the middle of our conversation with this rug dealer, I received a phone call from my store. A repeat customer who lives near San Jose, in north California, 250 miles away from Los Angeles had come to pick up two Bukhara rugs he had left with us for cleaning and repair. I do not know why every time I leave my shop, something extra ordinary happens or a serious customer comes in and then I have to rush back. I finished my talk with this friend and returned to our rug gallery. The customer who wanted to take back his two rugs was waiting for me to arrive while another gentleman with his wife were browsing my shop looking for a big tapestry. It is very bad when you have two groups of customers in your shop and you want to serve them properly and UPS man shows up to pick up few bales you have packed. This is what happened today. For many hours a day, no one shows up and now all of a sudden, everybody comes in at once.

The first customer picked up his rugs and paid for them. He was happy with the quality of the job. The UPS guy also picked up three bundles (bales) that were ready. Then, it was the time to take care of the couple who were looking for a big vertical tapestry. Some tapestries are horizontal meaning that the width is more than the length. Some tapestries are vertical, meaning that the length is more than the width. Tapestries are good to absorb noise and reflections of the sounds at houses which have tiles, stones and probably hardwood as floor covering. They are also decorative. These customers have a high ceiling house and needed at least a 80 by 80 inches (200x200 cm) tapestries. Out of about 40 tapestries that we had, none met their specifications. They gave me their phone number and address and asked me to inform them when I find a tapestry which meets their need. I asked for their e-mail address to be able to e-mail them the photo of the tapestries which I may find for them. The husband said they do not have e-mail, but are thinking of getting an e-mail one of these days. One hour after they left, I found a tapestry with one of my sources who e-mailed me the picture of the item which was somehow close to the size this customer was looking for. I called the husband and he said they would come to my store tomorrow, Tuesday to take a look at the photo. If they like it from the picture, I will have it ready for them by this coming Thursday.

We also received a shipment of area rugs today. A couple who bought an 8x11 feet area rug and a rug pad few days ago, wanted to have an area rug for the bedroom of their 11-month old boy. They wanted an alphabetical rug so their boy could start learning the alphabet. We received several other area rugs which I had ordered. I called this customer and let them know that we had the rug they wanted. They said that they would come to get the rug on the coming weekend.

I ended the day by paying a number of bills which never stop coming. Sometimes when I get home, I do not open my mailbox. I know a bunch of bills would be waiting for me. The later I see them, the better off I am!!

Khosrow Sobhe


Barry O'Connell said...

My dear friend, Dr. Sobhe,
That you are busy is no surprise to me. I consider you one of the most generous people I know. The time that you take to do each thing that you do is remarkable. Whether it is business or the many kind acts and favors that you do for people I admire you greatly.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Dear Barry,

Thank you very much for your kind words and comments. The rug community here in the States and in the world owes you and a few others a lot. You have contributed so much and enhanced the knowledge and appreciation of the rugs.

Khosrow Sobhe