Friday, November 16, 2007

A Kerman Rug on E-Bay

A customer came in with an old Kerman rug which needed to be cleaned. When we said this would cost her $175, she said" I bought this rug on e-bay for $79 and paid $65 for shipping". She was surprised why she had to pay for cleaning more than what she had paid for the rug itself. I told her not everybody can find a deal like this on e-bay. She said that the rug was from Mashed based on what the sell had said. I said this rug is from Kerman and the seller probably did know where this rug came from; otherwise he would not have sold it for $79. The rug needed selvages on two sides plus it needed a repair as big as a palm of a hand. She was convinced that she should invest on this rug which was probably 60-70 years old in light brown. This is the color that many people like these days.

Last night, I attended a meeting set up in a magnificent house in Beverly Hills by the American Society of Interior designers, ASID, Los Angeles chapter. There was a lecture which was delivered by Darrel Schmidt, the former president of the chapter, followed by a question and answer section. The house belonged to a Persian lady who sells European antiques in her house. She had wonderful Tabriz and Bidjar rugs. The meeting was educational and I learned a lot. I am a member of this wonderful organization which has around 38,000 members in the United States, and 1,700 members in Los Angeles.

Khosrow Sobhe

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