Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, and Oriental Rugs

We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I already wrote about this in my previous post. As planned, I was at work yesterday, Friday at 9:00 am. A customer came in and picked up his cleaned Pakistani rug and paid by credit card. He gave me a $10 coupon he had from his last year's cleaning and I deducted it from his invoice. Another lady also came in and picked up her Kirman carpet which was left with us for cleaning and repair.

An out of state couple who had a Hamedan runner with us for cleaning came in and brought a 10x14 feet (12 M2) old Dark Blue Persian Kashan for cleaning. I reminded them that we have a 3-day after Thanksgiving sale with up to 30% off. They nominated two Nain rugs, an square one (almost 7x7 feet) and a ca. 1ox14 rug. The husband, a humorous guy, told me that they were not expecting to buy a rug, so they were not sure about the sizes, but he would give me a call tomorrow if they would want to buy these two rugs. A couple of other people came in and asked for some rugs, but they did not look serious. When people do not spend time in my store, they are most probably not serious customers.

A designer called me and then e-mailed me a photo of a Hosseinabad Hamedan runner she needs for her customer. She needs three pieces with different sizes. They should match one another. I should look for them and get back to her. She is in a rush to find these three runners and her budget as usual, is very limited! Is there a rug buyer in the world who needs a rug and is not in a hurry, and is ready to pay what you ask for without bargaining and without asking for something irregular?? Very rare!!

Paying few bills, cleaning the store, and arranging few repairs was what I did today with my helper and repairman. My two sons spent few hours with me at the store. My younger son said he would like to buy a case for his cell phone therefore he wanted to go shopping before his new cell phone is scratched. My wife and my younger son have one big thing in common and that is an innocent love for shopping for which they always find excuses and fake needs!!

I returned home around 7:00 pm with my younger son who had returned from shopping. Besides a cell phone case he had bought a sweater. It is getting cold in Los Angeles.

Khorow Sobhe

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