Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Delivered Few Cleaned Rugs Today

We delivered few cleaned rugs today. I talked about this job on another post. The lady and her husband wanted to have only one rug cleaned and sell the other fine Persian silk rugs. I recommended that we clean other rugs as well and since they were beautiful high quality Persian rugs, they might be kept as an investment. They accepted my professional advice. We delivered their rugs this morning which was Sunday. Four of the rugs were individually packed, with moth balls inside the packing. Plastics of any kind are not good for packing so we used special heavy duty packing papers. The customer who was an MD (Doctor of medicine) and his wife, a very nice lady liked the service and this is what makes me feel good about my job and providing professional services. We also posted a rug storage tips on each package. I will also have them below for those who might be interested in learning from our experience.

When we got to our store, a young couple were waiting for us to give us a 5x8 feet are rug for cleaning. I suggested to change the selvage before they loose part of the knots which would be loose in a while. They accepted and left. They were in a hurry and needed to get the rug back in four days so they might use it for Thanksgiving which will be on this coming Thursday, Nov. 22nd. I told them they would receive the rug before that date, cleaned and repaired.

Rug Storage Tips

1- A basement is not a good place to store a Persian, Oriental or area rug, even if it is completely dry.
2-Using plastics of any kind are not recommended for wrapping. Special thick wrapping papers are much better.
3- Vacuum your rug on the face and on the back.
4-You can use moth balls or if you do not like the smell, use tobacco leaves inside the rug to keep the moth away.
5-Cover the rug with the paper and roll it. Then, use tape to keep the outside papers in place.
6- After roughly 10-12 weeks, change the paper with new and fresh ones.
7-Before changing the paper with new ones check the condition of the rug.
8-You may unroll your rug for a while and vacuum it before re-packing it.


Khosrow Sobhe

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