Monday, December 31, 2007

Persian, Oreintal, Area Rug Blog, my Rug Master Weblog, and the Year 2007

It is 6:30 pm in Los Angeles and the date is December 31, 2007. The year will reach its end in a few hours. I want to review what I did in this year and put forward few plans for the upcoming year, the 2008.

I worked very hard, seven days a week, and probably around 12 hours a day. I provided excellent services to my customers who wanted to buy or sell rugs, do Oriental carpet cleaning, repair, restoration, and appraisal. I delivered lectures and tried to educate my customers. And I did all this with joy and love. More than anybody else, I loved what I did myself. Although it was financially very difficult for me, it was gratifying to see that my sales doubled in 2007 compared with the year before. The secret was extremely hard work and first class customer service. Many of my customers in this year were repeat customers. They understand and prreciate customized and flexible services.

And my plan for the next year is to double my sales compared with 2007! Impossible? Not. I will make it happen by another round of hard work, good planning and first grade customer services. I learned a lot from my customers and others and by reading, attending professional shows, participating in different meeting and professional events. I will continue to do so, and even more.

I wish everybody a happy and prosperous year, full of love and passion. I year without bas and sad news. A year, without war and killing. Let us pray for that. I celebrate this new year with my family and friends. It is always good to celebrate other cultures and religions' celebrations. this will foster love and mutual understanding. This is my last post on my weblog for the year 2007.


Khosrow Sobhe


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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

I hope your business will be better year by year. Providing services is quite tough because the customers will see the quality of your services straightaway. But it is not impossible to double up your sales each year. I wish you well.

Bill Fennell said...

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