Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rug Cleaning, Sarouk Rug, and an Opera Singer!

We went to a customer's house yesterday morning, Saturday Dec. 1st and picked up several rugs for cleaning and repair. They were mostly rugs from India, and Pakistan. These customers, a husband and a wife, both physicians, had just returned from India and had brought several Indian Kashmir silk rug with them. They needed rug pads for all their rugs, but since these rugs are not in standard sizes, we are supposed to cut and tailor the rug pads and under lays to fit the rugs.

In the afternoon, a couple came into our rug gallery looking for a 9 x 12 Persian silk rug. This husband and wife after one hour, ended up leaving with a beautiful ca 8 x 10 Sarouk rug made by Iran Carpet Company with a touch of silk. They had brought a burgundy Indian silk rug, a piece of travertine tile and a cushion to match their color with the color of the rug they would like the rug. After seeing many rugs, they liked an Ivory Sarouk rug. The wife had a rug book to use as a guide. I showed her the section on Sarouk rugs. They left their silk Indian rug with us for cleaning. They will comeback in a week to pick this rug up. When these couple were seeing different rugs, I showed them few Indian Jaipur rugs with the size they were looking, but the lady did not want to look at them at all and said I want a piece of art, and these are not the type that I am looking for.

Today, which was Sunday, I was at work and after I received a phone call from a customer, I went to his house to take a closer look at few of his rugs which need cleaning and repair. We talked about the kind of repair these rugs would need. We will probably pick these rugs up tomorrow. These are all old and antique Persian rugs.

In the afternoon, a lady came in and said where are your Mashad Saber rugs about which you have posted some literature on your website. She had come from Orange County, a place some 45 miles south of Los Angeles. I showed her the pair and mentioned that these beautiful museum quality rugs have 9,000,000 knots each and it took four years for each piece to make. Then she examined few other Qum silk and Isfahan rugs we had. She was looking for a Persian rug with hunting design. She could not find what she was looking for. She gave us her contact information in case if we find anything close to what she want, we can call her.

A designer with her client came in with two pillows looking for a 9 x 12 rug. They could not find any thing close to what they were looking for. Before they leave, I showed them few Indian rugs we have. These rugs are hand knotted with wool pile. The customer said, I do not like these rug. They look like area rugs. They left. Few other people also came in looking for area rugs, but none of them looked serious.

I came home around 6:00 pm. After a light dinner and chatting with my family, I browsed different TV channels. There was a wonderful program on channel 8, KOCE. I loved this program. It was showcasing a blind Italian opera male singer, Andrea Bocelli. What a wonderful and glorious voice?!. You can easily meditate with his songs and send your sole to cruise the sky!! This TV channel featured one of his concerts in an open air place called Tuscany in Italy. Thousands of people attended this concert. Andrea Bocelli has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide!

Well I guess I wrote more than what I wanted. Now is the time to say good bye.

Khosrow Sobhe

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