Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Rug, Obama Carpet?!

Several visitors found my rug blog when they searched for "Obama Rug"! I had a post few weeks ago on if by coming President Obama to the office the rug market gets any better. Why should people search for "Obama Rug"? Is it just out of curiosity?

The former president George Bush joked while ago that the first decision of any new president is what kind of carpet he wants. So what kind of rug did Barack Obama choose? I searched for this and I found out that the new president did not change his desk and his Oval Office's rug. When there are so many other crucial and important matters, why should a new president care about the rug in his office unless he does not go by priorities!

Khosrow Sobhe
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)


Anonymous said...

oh someone from his design staff should get him a nice rug!

Anonymous said...

Every US President dating back to Rutherford B. Hayes (except LBJ, Nixon, and Ford) has used the desk currently in the Oval Office. It was given to the US by Queen Victoria in 1880, and is made from wood from HMS Resolute!