Saturday, February 28, 2009

Strange Carpet Cleaning Customer in Los Angeles

I do not turn my cell phone off at all. It is connected to our rug gallery's alarm monitoring company and if something happens, the security alarm monitoring company will call me on my cell phone which is always on and with me.

It was 2:00 am this morning and I was dreaming to have a customer today, Saturday to walk into our rug gallery to buy several rugs and pay cash!! My cell phone rang and there was a lady on the other side of the line. She said we spilled wine on our carpet; can you take care of the stain removal. I said mam do you realize what time it is now? She did not answer and said can you remove the stain as soon as possible? I said yes please give me your address and phone number. I will contact you in the morning to send our carpet cleaning expert to your house to take care of the matter. Ben and his crew who work with us are excellent carpet cleaners and provide our customers with high quality carpet cleaning services.

Sometimes people get nervous when they realize there is a damage on their carpets and rugs. They react right away and look on the Internet and find us. They do not care what time it is.

Is it good to receive calls like these late at night or early in the morning?

Khosrow Sobhe
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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Seattle rug cleaning said...

At least she thought of you first, not three days later!

We have had clients phone us at all hours, even on holidays for all kinds of things - even auto towing. They say they can remember our phone number and know we will help. We are on auto dial for several people and if their pet has an accident, the phone is ringing.

My Grandfather used to say every time the phone rang, money was calling!

Great post.