Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rug Cleaning and Moth Damage

If you leave your rug without having it cleaned in a dark and humid storage for four years, this is going to happen. Moths would have parties and invite their friends over at your expense! How could they be so heartless?!

Invest in your rug and save it from damages like this. Have your rug cleaned by a professional in your area before storing it. Rug cleaning is not that expensive compared with what you may lose if you store your rug without having it cleaned.

Khosrow Sobhe
Certified Rug Specialist


Unknown said...

I completely agree with you on this subject. I find it happens a lot when people move and they don't have a spot to put their rugs down and they sit in the basement for a few years. It isn't the best part of the job to have to explain to a client that their rug is ruined due to improper storage.

Nathan K. said...

Wonderful blog!
I will go so far as to say that I have NEVER seen moths damage a clean rug. Moths especially seem to like pet urine contaminated rugs...
Best Wishes!