Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farahan Rug - Selvage Repair

This week one of our regular customers brought in his Farahan rug for cleaning, which was a beautiful piece but had some major signs of damage. The sides, or selvages, had fallen apart in multiple places and and the foundation of the rug was now in jeopardy. It needed attention right away to prevent further damage to the rug.
In most Persian and Oriental rugs, the side cords(selvages) are formed by two or more warp threads additionally bound and secured by the weft threads.  As the rug is knotted row by row, so the weft thread secures the knots and binds the cords.  On most rugs, the side cords have an extra wool binding besides the weft threads. The side cords have no resilient pile and, acting as the exterior guards to the rug, they receive constant wear and tear; therefore, side cords will often be the first areas requiring attention.
Damaged side cords are also cause for concern needs action taken immediately.  If left unrepaired, the cords may break away completely from the rest of the rug and, with the pile unprotected, the knots will then fall away.  Side cords should be checked regularly and carefully, for they may often be damaged without appearing so. Take a look at the repair below.
Take a look at how great the repair came out in the above pics. One of our weavers did the selvage repair by hand and now the foundation on the rug is secure. Not only does it look fantastic but the rug is now also ready for many more years of usage. One may think that a rug with that much selvage damage is not repairable but there is hope when you leave the job to Rug Ideas. Not only was our customer happy with the cleaning he brought the rug in for, but also with the new appearance it has with its new makeover. Does your rug need the same? Bring it in to us!
Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)
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