Monday, March 19, 2012

Kelardasht Carpets and Rug From North Iran

Kelardasht is a city in and the capital of Kelardasht District, in Chalus County, Mazandaran Province, north of Iran right by the Caspian Sea. Originally a farming area, in recent years much of its land was sold in small lots to build numerous villas  which are occupied by summer visitors trying to escape the heat of Tehran and points further south. Its attractions mainly consist of its natural beauty and cooler climate. The Kelardasht area has enclaves of Kurmanji-speaking Iranian Kurds. They practice the Dervish variation of Islam. There are also enclaves of people from Gilan another northern  province. (Wikipedia)

The Voided Loom is a unique story of Kelardasht's Carpet: a video documentary that portrays the ties between culture, emotions and the environment of a community which gave the primeval folklore of carpet weaving its form and generation to generation permanence.

Kelardasht's Carpet weaving, the art and practice of hundreds of years old, was a memento of immigration of an ethnic group but unfortunately it has not gained the reputation it deserves and it is in the verge of extinction. What you will see, hear and experience in this documentary is a visual perspective of a two year study of this region and its carpet weaving art, to be compiled as a book about Kelardasht Carpet as well.

"The Voided Loom" is in fact an independent documentary selected from a large number of interviews and narrative stories gathered around the aesthetic characteristics and positions of Kelardasht Carpet throughout its rise and fall. Those pieces of findings that were impossible to be put in any form of  writing or depicted on any page of a book are being portrayed in this film

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