Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hereke Rugs

Hereke rugs are only produced in Hereke, a coastal town in Turkey, 60 km from Istanbul. The materials used are silk, a combination of wool and cotton and sometimes gold or silver threads.
Hereke carpets, particularly those of pure silk, are considered some of the absolute finest throughout the world. Until the political revolution in 1923, Hereke carpets were exclusively manufactured for Sultans, palaces or mosques. Regarded as extraordinarily valuable and prized possessions, Hereke carpets were often given as gifts from Sultans to other great Kings, Emporers and rulers. Many of the finest and rare examples of Hereke rugs can be seen at the Dolmabahce and Topkapi palaces in Istanbul.
Hereke carpets are created using a unique construction method. The initial preparation of the loom is distinct from most other techniques worldwide. Two sets of warps (threads that run lengthwise) are employed. The first set of warps is located in front of the second set, which is necessary to wind the threads. Other rug types simply place the warps beside one another. The Hereke method allows the possibility of a second weft (horizontal threads interlaced through the warp), is thinner, and zig-zags to hold the knots in case the carpet is damaged. This is a major difference that separates the Hereke carpet-making technique from others.
If you have a Hereke rug that needs cleaning or repair contact us as greater care is needed to work with these types of rugs. Our process doesn't use any harsh cleaners that could damage the rug and our attention to detail is second to none. Bring back the luxuriousness of your Hereke rug, or any rug for that matter, by leaving the work to Rug Ideas!

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