Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kurds of Khorassan in North East Iran

Kurds are one of the oldest tribes of Iran. Although they speak Kurdish of different dialects, they do not have that kind of a written language of their own. Since Kurds have always been brave and good warriors, they questioned the power of the federal governments of Iran. This was why they were partly moved to Khorassan in north east Iran around 1600 during the reign of Shah Abbas I.  The Kurds were also moved to the eastern borders to defend the country against Uzbek invaders. Among different cities in Khorassan in which Kurds reside, Quchan, Daregaz, Joveyn, Bojnourd, Shirvan, Esfarayen can be named.

Usually Kurds of Khorassan weave two types of one-sided kilims on wool foundation and pile rugs of small sizes. Many of these rugs are woven around the city of Quchan on wool and in some cases on colored silk foundation. These colored silk foundations are also referred to as rainbow foundations. The kilims made by Kurds of Khorassan are coarse and in no way can compete with Senneh kilims of main Kurdistan.
A Kurdish Khorassan kilim runner. Picture courtesy of

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