Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Symphony of Names

The names of Oriental Rugs are often difficult to pronounce and confusing to the beginning rug buyer. They conjure up images of faraway lands and exotic locales such as Sarouk, Kashan, Kerman, Bokhara, Peking, Samarkand, Heriz, and Tabriz, to name a few.
The names originally referred to the cities , villages, or nomadic tribe which specialized in a specific weave or pattern. Using the cities to identify specific rug styles is no longer a rule of thumb. Many patterns are now woven in cities and countries other than their origin. The names are now more useful in describing a pattern than discovering the area where a rug was made.
Rug Ideas can help you identify the various names and pinpoint the country of origin. Because standards of quality and common techniques are still indigenous to the countries which produce Oriental Rugs, it is useful to look at each to learn more about the characteristics of the rugs produced there.

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Jan said...

Another great blog, I am going to share this blog with my team members but more importantly with my clients. I truly feel they would appreciate the history behind there woven treasures and have a better understanding why there rug has the name that it does and they can appreciate the passion and artistry that goes into making a rug. Dr. Kay you rock!!