Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oriental Rugs as Investments

Like any fine work of art, Oriental Rugs may appreciate with the passage of time. During their 2,500 year history, Oriental Rugs have been a standard of luxury and have proved countless times their value increases.
Antique rugs are generally the most valuable Orientals. The reason is twofold: they have a proven record of appreciation because of their increasing scarcity, and the passage of time has mellowed and enhanced their beautiful colors. Collectors prize them not only for their investment potential but also for their beauty.
If you are buying an antique (100 years old or more) or semi-antique (50-100 years), be sure to examine it thoroughly. A qualified dealer *like Rug Ideas* can help you ascertain it's age. Be sure to check for moth damage, stains, brittleness, patches and repairs. Any damage lowers the value of an antique rug (or any rug), although skillfully made repairs will not have a great impact on the value.
Many new rugs are also a wise investment, as the past few decades have shown. Their value has risen steadily due to inflation and scarcity, and the steady climb is not expected to stop. This is especially true of rugs produced in regions which are turning to industry instead of traditional rug-making, such as Iran and Caucasus, as their scarcity will make them more highly prized.
Tips for those buying for investment purposes include buying the best rug you can afford, dealing with a reputable dealer(*like Rug Ideas!*) and investing some time in studying Oriental Rugs, just as you would study other investments.

Article sourced from "The Mystique of Oriental Rugs" by Oriental Rug Retailers of America

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