Wednesday, September 26, 2012

50% OFF All Machine Made Runners!

Right now at Rug Ideas we have ALL of our machine made runners priced 50% OFF!
There are many areas in the house that the regular carpet or rug  does not fully cover. Yet these areas too need the protection of a good rug. This is where rug runners come in. Rug runners are pretty much like rugs, the only difference being that rug runners are longer in length than they are in width. This makes them ideal for areas such as hallways, stairs and entrances that are often left bare. Placing them in traffic prone areas of the floor protects your floor from wear and tear, owing to the high traffic the area receives. And right now you can pick one up for 50% OFF!
The red and green runners in the above pics normally run $120; but right now with our 50% OFF sale, they are only $60/each. If you are looking to put a beautiful runner in your home, come to our gallery so we can show you the many colors and styles we have to offer!
There are many advantages of buying rug runners. The first and obvious one is that they enhance the look of a house. That you can use them in addition to your regular carpet or rug means your house looks more colorful and warm. Another great thing with rug runners is that you can move them to different parts of a house. They are not confined to one area as is the case with carpets. They are great for keeping the feet warm and providing comfort when walking. They are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs. You can buy several of them and keep interchanging them for a different look after a while. It’s a great way of improving the way your house looks.
We also have a selection of runners made from art silk (white runner and gold/red runner above), which have an extremely soft pile, feels great when walked on and has a sheen that looks very classy. These runners normally run $195 but with our 50% OFF sale they are only $97/each. Take advantage of our deep discounts to liven up your home today, at Rug Ideas!

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