Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rugs From Around The World

Numerous other countries produce rugs, but they are often only available in limited quantities, patterns & sizes. Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria produce rugs that follow the traditional Persian patterns and are well constructed. We are currently seeing a growing production of rugs from Tibet and Nepal, with simple designs and muted colors, unlike the older productions from this area, which typically followed Chinese designs, but use bright colors and small sizes.
Hand-made rugs are also exported from Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia and Poland, but many are flat woven rugs and the production is limited. Egypt in particular is producing fine replicas of antique Mahals, Sultanabads, Agras and Oushaks in many large sizes.

sourced from 'The Mystique of Oriental Rugs' by O.R.R.A.

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