Monday, September 24, 2012

Rugs From Iran (Part II)

Because labor and production costs have risen rapidly in Iran and the amount of weaving has declined, rugs from that country may be more costly than those of comparable quality from other rug producing areas. The political situation has also contributed to making Iranian rugs more difficult to obtain.
In October, 1987, the United States imposed trade sanctions against Iran, making import of Persian rugs into  this country illegal. In March of 2000 the embargo was lifted, only to be reimposed by Obama in Sept 2010.   This makes the Persian rugs in circulation here in the States more valuable as we cannot import any into the country. Despite the many problems besetting the country, Persian rugs continue to be much sought after and  prized.
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sourced from 'The Mystique of Oriental Rugs' by O.R.R.A

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