Thursday, September 27, 2012

Handknotted Silk Rug Cleaning

Sometimes rug owners take cleaning duties into their own hands, with varied results. A new customer of ours recently got a stain on their Handknotted Silk Rug and tried to clean the are himself. Not only did the stain not come out but the washed area started creating a color variation that worried him the instant he saw it. He was so upset at possibly having damaged this expensive piece of art. From one end of the rug it looked like a dark blotch on a light rug and from the other end looked like a bleached out part on a darker rug. We calmed him down and let him know that we would put the rug through our deep cleaning process so as to restore the rugs colors. Take a look at the before pics below:
We thoroughly dusted the rug to remove any loose debris before it was completely wet washed. We use special cleansers depending on the type of rug we are washing, and silk rugs require special attention as well as cleansers that won't damage the fibers of such a nice rug. After the rug bath we naturally dried the rug flat under the sun. The results speak for themselves; take a look below:
The rug is beautiful once again and put some welcome relief on to our customers face after he saw how well our deep cleaning process works. If you accidentally made a mistake cleaning your rug or have a stain that you need taken care of, call or stop in at Rug Ideas so we can show you the best way to care for your treasured rugs!

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