Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rugs From Iran (Part I)

For many people, the terms "Oriental Rug" and "Persian Rug" are mistakenly synonymous. The Persian Empire was where rug making reached its zenith during the sixteenth century, and many of the traditional patterns and weaving techniques are still being practiced in Iran. In addition, there are other types of rug weaving in Iran which range with simple pieces produced by nomadic people to sophisticated rugs produced in workshops which have preserved the historic Persian art.
The Persian Empire once extended from China in the East to Hungary in the West. Today only the rugs woven in Iran are referred to as Persian. Iranian rugs are usually named after the town where they are produced, and a few examples are Kerman, Sarouk, Tabriz and Heriz. Each area has its traditional patterns and typical palette of colors. The design in Iranian rugs reflects the Persian passion for detail and displays an intricate interplay between geometric and floral patterns.
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sourced from 'The Mystique Of Oriental Rugs'

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