Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Son's Birthday, Getting Tip From a Customer and More

Friday, November 9th, my older son Ashkan turned 21. We had a party in an Italian-Persian restaurant in Culver City in Los Angeles. Ashkan did not know that his friends from his university (California State University, Northridge, CSUN) would be there. He thought only his family and a couple of family friends would be there. He was surprised when he saw several of his friends from his fraternity Pi Kappa Phi a 100-year old student organization there. Out of 20 guest, 7 were Iranians, but 19 people ordered Persian food and they loved it.

Ashkan is a wise and hardworking young man who studies Information Technology and Computer Science. He is a web developer and makes professional web sites. He has designed and made our company's web site: which ranks very high is Los Angeles if you look for Persian rug, Persian carpet, Oriental rug, or Oriental carpet.

In the morning, we (me and a helper) took two Pakistani rugs which were repaired by our repairman to a customer's house in Hollywood. We had to take the rugs which were so heavy to the house after taking at least 60 steps. The customer was so happy that he gave me $50 tip and I accepted that and thanked him. It is good when you provide a service and your customer appreciates it.

Saturday, November 10th was a busy day. I went to a customer's house in the morning to bring a 6x6 feet round carpet for cleaning. I left their house with 5 more rugs for cleaning and repair. They were convinced that their other rugs ( two beautiful Qum silk rugs, one very fine Isfahan rug with silk foundation, one very fine Nain 6 la with silk foundation, and a big fine Tabriz rug also with silk foundation) needed cleaning and minor repair. They said that they did not need their carpets and wanted to sell them. I would make good money if I bought their rugs. But I convinced them that they had very nice and beautiful Persian rugs. I knew that they did not need the money and they agreed with me that they did not need the money. I said then why should you sell these rugs which are a sound investment while you may use and enjoy them. The prices appreciate by the passage of the time as not very many weavers are willing to weave fine rugs these days. They (husband a wife both very gentle people) bought my professional advice. I suggested that we clean the rugs and do the needed repair and wrap them each separately in special heavy duty wrapping paper with the picture of each rug on the package along with the specifications and descriptions. They liked the idea and asked me to do so. A very customized service. This is what customers need and this is why they gave me 6 rugs for cleaning and repair instead of one. Customers appreciate your knowledge and frankness. Most of them are smart and can realize this. They wouldn't have had a multi-million dollar house on a hill, with a wonderful view of the city and the ocean, if they were not smart. Then it is not difficult for them to realize if you're giving them a professional recommendation which is to their benefit or not.

Mr. Akbar Herischian who is the president of the Iranian Carpet Exporters' Association in Tehran (with more than 6oo members) called me and later came to our rug gallery to visit me. He is in Los Angeles for a short visit. We talked and chatted about different matters, most of which about Persian rugs and the market here in the United States.

Max Moussavi, the manager of Art Resources, a well-known importer of Oriental rugs in New York and Los Angeles also came to visit me later in the afternoon when we were about to close at around 5:00 pm on Saturday. We mostly talked about the rug production and it's difficulties. Max stayed with us for one hour and then left.

My two sons helped me with my work at our rug gallery and for the late lunch, we ordered Domino's pizza. We had enough Persian food the night before when we had Ashkan's birthday party!


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying reading about the life of an oriental rug dealer...keep writing and I will keep reading. I too love oriental rugs and wish I had 10% of the knowledge that you possess about rugs. Keeping warm in Madison, WI


Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Thank you Barbara for your kind words. It is warm in Los Angeles around 80 degree but it will cool off tomorrow.

Best regards,
Khosrow Sobhe