Friday, May 9, 2008

How Can Our Customers Sell A Rug?

I got very busy this morning for a few minutes. While I was showing some rugs to a customer who needed several rugs, a young lady walked in and said she had an Oriental rug for appraisal. I asked her to give me few minutes before I could take a look at her rug. One of my associates helped my customer and I went to the adjacent parking lot to see the rug which belonged to this young lady. She had a hummer car, but could not open the trunk. I took the rug out from the back door. It was an Indian rug with burgundy background. I asked her about the purpose of the appraisal. She said she would want to sell the rug, therefore she needed an appraisal. I said the rug is very dirty and it is better to have it cleaned if you would like to sell it. She said first let me have the appraisal and then I would decide if I should go for the cleaning or not. I said OK, I will prepare, print and will seal the appraisal form, but you would have to come back in one hour and I would have the document ready by then. She agreed and paid for the appraisal. She returned in one hour and picked up the appraisal certificate. She asked for help in selling her rug. I said we should try to find a private customer and not a dealer who may not be ready to pay a good price, but first let us do the cleaning and then we will provide you with several high resolution photos of the rugs so you can e-mail it or post it on e-bay or the Craig's list or on other Internet virtual stores. She agreed and left.

Many of our customers would like to sell a rug or several rugs but do not know where to start from. Should they put the rug inside their car's trunk and stop by the dealers on the streets of Los Angeles and hear no from the dealers who would complain about the slow market? Should they place ad in different papers and wait for telephone calls? They wonder what to do. To help them, we have created a section on our website called the "Market Place" on which our customers can post the photo and the technical information of the rug they want to sell. We prepare everything for them including the technical information and the high resolution photo. If the visitor clicks on the picture of the rug, it will open in a new window in a bigger and brighter position. The seller can also refer his/her own potential customers (friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and etc.) to the link and the website to see the photo of the rug and its information. For all this, our customer pays a one-time nominal fee without paying any hidden fee or commission. We can even post his/her phone number or e-mail address so potential customers can contact him/her directly.

Khosrow Sobhe

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