Monday, May 5, 2008

To Save or Not to Save: Rug Cleaning Rug Repair Los Angeles

We receive many rugs for cleaning and repair which are in bad condition. The owner of the rug could have saved the rug if he/she had cleaned or repaired the rug sooner and before it was too late. Some of the owners want to save a little money buy not cleaning or repairing the rug. This is not saving. It is helping to ruin the rug by not investing (not spending) a small amount of money in saving the rug. When we pick up a rug like this and we ask the owner when the rug was last cleaned or repaired, he/she says "never" or "many years ago" that I cannot remember. I wrote about a Kerman rug we picked up for cleaning in an earlier post:

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On the other hand, when the rug is dirty, not only the food stuff hidden inside the pile provide the ground for the moth to grow, but the dirt acts like sand paper and damages the fiber and the pile. We also swallow and breath the dust and dirt which are floating in the air. This can bring us sickness and allergy.

Regardless of the traffic and dirtiness of the rug, it should be vacuumed regularly probably once a week, and it should be cleaned once in one or two years. This will surely extend the life of the rug.

Khosrow Sobhe

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