Monday, May 12, 2008

Not A Vey Busy Monday

Several customers stopped by our rug gallery today, but non of them bought any thing. A gentleman brought in a very fine Persian Tabriz with silk foundation for cleaning and repair. It was awfully dirty. The size was 10 x 7 feet. Our estimate was $400 for cleaning and one side of selvage replacement and one end of fringe securing and complete repair. He said that was way above his expectation. I asked if he knew how much the rug was worth. He had no idea. When I told him it was worth between $5,000 to $6,000 he could not believe it. He said my wife would kill me if she knew this rug was worth something and I had placed it in the garage under so many dust and dirt. He said he did not want to spend that much and I said that is not spending, it is investing. He talked with his wife on the phone and took the rug back. He will come back on this coming Saturday with his wife to see if they want to go ahead with the cleaning and repair.

three other customers stopped by separately. Two of them, ladies asked for two Nain rugs of 5 x 8 and 9 x 11. They could not believe our prices of $975 on two Nain rugs of 5 x 8. They said they had gone to a very big Oriental rug store in Agoura Hills north west of Los Angeles and they were given a $20,000 price for a Nian rug somehow similar to our rug. I had not seen that Nain rug, therefore could not judge. They wanted blue in the rug, but did not like the blues in our rugs. I got their names and phone numbers to call them if we receive any rug with their specifications.

Two other ladies, probably a daughter and mother walked in and looked for a 9 x 12 hand knotted rug, not very busy, and not with an open field. They spent half an hour in our rug gallery but did not like any of our rugs and left.

I paid several bills, went to bank to deposit two checks and went to the post office to mail few letters.

Nothing exciting happened today.

Khosrow Sobhe

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