Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Rug Dealer An American Lady in Persian Rug Exhibition in Kish Island Iran

Just while ago, there was a Persian carpet exhibition in Kish Island in Iran, a 20-minute fly from Dubai, UAE. The show was held on April 29 to May 2, 2008. An American rug dealer was among several other visitors who visited the exhibition. Here is what she has written after her return:

I just got back from a lovely vacation to Dubai and the rug exhibition
at Kish. Many thanks to everyone there, people were extremely kind and
helpful. Don't let the current political situation put you off if any
of you consider making the trip. As an American woman traveling alone
I felt very safe. One should always be aware of the
surroundings no matter where you travel. I only regret that I didn't
have more time for tourism in country and will have to make another
trip.Since I took over 400 photos it's hard to pick and choose, but here's a

I am glad she liked it there, because this was her first trip to that part of the world.

Khosrow Sobhe

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