Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tea Stain Removal From Carpets and Rugs

A friend e-mailed me few days ago and mentioned that she spilled tea on her Tabriz carpet. She wanted to know how she could take care of the problem. This is what I wrote to her:

Tea- Stain Removal on Carpet and Upholstery

1. Mix one teaspoon of a neutral detergent (a mild
detergent containing no alkalies or bleaches) with a cup
of warm water. Blot.

2. Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with
two-thirds cup of water. Blot.

3. Repeat step one.

4. Sponge with clean water. Blot.

This article was written by Anne Field, Extension
Specialist, Emeritus, with reference from the Georgia
Extension bulletin, How to Care for Carpets and Rugs, the
Hoover Company, Nebraska Extension bulletin Carpet Care -
Cleaning and Stain Removal, the Carpet and Rug Institute,
Allied Fibers and Plastics Inc. and DuPont Clean Up
Carpeting bulletin.


Michigan State University Extension
Home Maintenance And Repair - 01500509

This is the feedback I received from her after a couple of days.

Dear Dr. Sobhe,

I tried it and it got much better. Still some colors left, but it almost blends in the carpet colors and doesn’t show much.

I appreciate your help, it was very helpful.



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