Monday, August 20, 2012

Check Your Rugs In Storage!

We have a sad story for today's post. We received a call from a customer that has cleaned many of her rugs with us; she wanted us to pick up a Persian rug she had in storage so that we could deep clean it. It had been sitting in storage for 5 years and was cleaned and was not packed with acid free paper, nor did it have any moth balls placed in it. When we got to her storage unit we proceeded to open the rug to find one of the worst moth infestations we had ever seen. Take a look at the pics below:
This once valuable rug is now worth nothing and the owner asked us to throw it away for her. We were sad to do so but there was no saving this rug. Luckily she only had this one in her storage and the rest at her home. But beware, this could happen to your rug in storage if it is not cleaned and packed correctly. 
If you are going to store your rug in storage or in a garage for longer than a month please use acid free paper and moth balls to prevent a similar moth infestation from happening to your rug/rugs. Professional deep cleaning is also a must before you store your rugs. If you don't want to deal with the hassle, we at Rug Ideas offer this service to you so we can thoroughly inspect, use moth ball and wrap your rugs. We can also do moth proofing of your valuable carpets. Let us help keep your rugs in the best condition possible by properly wrapping them for storage. The owner's dismay was ours as well as we hate to see pieces of art get eaten away to nothing. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure!

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