Friday, August 3, 2012

Los Angeles Rug Tours & Workshops

Los Angeles Rug Tour & Workshop presents:
“Five Centuries of Carpet Weaving in Kerman”
with Taher Sabahi Author, Independent Researcher,Carpet Dealer and Editor, GHEREH Magazine, from Turin, Italy

Carpet weaving in Kerman, Iran goes back to the 700’s, where it was influenced by geography and history, including the origins of the sovereign Sassanian, a turbulent age of the Seljuk, and the Safavids in the Qadjar period. Taher Sabahi will describe the evolution of weaving of Kerman carpets, viewed through the examination of the famous Termeh shawls and costume design worn by the woman of the Qadjars, the oriental shawls which later become fashion in 19th century Europe. Mr. Sabahi will also use examples of historic carpets from well-known private and museum collections to illustrate his talk, and discuss the most influential designers in Kerman carpet history. He will take a look at some diverse carpet designs and themes, each of which tells a story like a novel. He will also comment on the carpet created especially for the American Centennial, where all Presidents are depicted as well as all major figures that have contributed to history of the United States.
Taher Sabahi is an internationally renowned scholar, author, dealer and expert in the oriental carpet world. Born in Iran, he currently lives and works in Torino, Italy. He is the author of numerous publications on oriental carpets, and two of his books, L’arte del Tappeto Orientale and Kilim, and Tessuti Piani D’oriente, have been recognized by UNESCO as documents of cultural heritage. He has contributed to the field of oriental carpet dictionaries and encyclopedias that have shown a theme dedicated to the art of oriental weaving, with relative publications. He is the Director and Editor of GHEREH International Carpet & Textile Review, and a director of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC). Dr. Sabahi will be one of the speakers of our rug tour and workshop.
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