Thursday, August 9, 2012

Decorating with Oriental Rugs

Open virtually any magazine on decorating and you will find Oriental Rugs used as an integral part of the decor. They blend wonderfully with contemporary, formal, ornate, casual and traditional decorating styles. Oriental Rugs are as adaptable to the casual living styles of today as to a formal board room.
The warmth and beauty of Oriental Rugs bring interest and luxury into almost every room in the house. Their amazingly resilient and durable qualities make them perfectly suited for heavily traveled areas as well as seldom-used parlors. Wall-to-wall carpet is no reason to hesitate in purchasing an Oriental Rug. Properly placed on top of existing carpet, an Oriental Rug brings a new dimension to a room, and has the added benefit of being easily transported if you move.
Oriental Rugs do not necessarily have to be regulated to the floor. Flatweave rugs such as Dhurries and Kilims make attractive wall hangings. Fragile antique rugs that are too worn for floor use and fine silk rugs are equally attractive when hung on the wall. Before you set out to buy an Oriental Rug, measure the space you would like to cover. Then think about what colors in your room would be enhanced by the rug and whether you are looking for a complex design or something relatively simple. The dealer can help you determine which patterns are most likely to fit in with your current decor or serve as a basis for a room's decorating scheme.

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