Monday, August 13, 2012

The Beauty of Wool, Part 1

The great majority of Oriental Rugs are made with wool because of its beauty and durability. Wool is capable of absorbing deep color from dyestuffs as wool fiber drinks in color like a sponge and locks it within the fiber in a unique molecular bond. Wool is a low luster fiber which gives colors a rich, deep quality.
Wool fiber resists staining, matting, wetting, crushing, and burning, giving it durability no synthetic fiber can match. The texture of wool does not change over time and its original color is not altered by repeated cleaning, shampooing and floor traffic.
Not all wool wool alike. Some countries have a natural supply of excellent wool for rugmaking. Other rely on imported wools from New Zealand or other sources. Some countries have a more consistent wool quality through blending, others a more diverse wool quality through different blends.
Throughout countless centuries the many special properties of wool have made it the most popular fiber for floor coverings. Those same properties continue to endear it to tug makers and owners. One of our next posts will go through the attributes of wool... soon to come!

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