Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pakistani Rugs

The surrounding countries around Pakistan have had a tremendous impact on Pakistan itself, and the result in the Pakistan rug industry has been a blend of Persian, Caucasian, Turkish and Turkoman designs. When Pakistan was separated from India after World War II, the weaving industry went into a decline. Recent government support has resulted in a thriving industry for the country and the Oriental Rugs being produced there are increasingly more diverse and higher in quality.
There are two major weaving areas in Pakistan. To the East around the city of Lahore, Persian designs are woven in traditional colors, along with the so called Pakistan Bokharas in traditional Turkoman designs. There is much experimentation with vegetable dyes and antique wash. To the north close to the Afghanistan border at Peshawar, are woven a variety of Persian, Afghan and Caucasian design carpets with a more primitive look, having soft vegetable dyes antique colors.

sourced from 'The Mystique of Oriental Rugs' by O.R.R.A

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