Friday, August 17, 2012

Chinese Rugs

Traditional Chinese Rugs are immediately recognizable by their simple, classic motifs and limited colors. These rugs often feature a center medallion; familiar objects seen in nature such as animals, flowers and clouds; stylized Chinese ideographs; and even entire scenes. They are usually framed with a simple, wide border.
Contemporary Chinese rugs are produced in large workshops and meet strict quality standards, so they are consistent in quality no matter in which area of China they are woven. Many Chinese rugs are sculpted where  contrasting colors meet to provide interest and texture to the simple patterns, however, this production has diminished to make room for Chinese production of designs from other weaving areas. These non-indigenous designs include Persian, French Aubusson, Savonnerie and Art Deco designs. These rugs are usually of high quality and extremely durable, due to the local supply of Chinese wool, excellent for rug weaving.
China also has a small production of needlepoint and flat weaves, using Soumak and Kilim weaving techniques, in French Aubusson, Caucasian, Turkish and Persian designs.
In addition, China produces tufted rugs in various designs that are less costly. A hand held tufting gun is used to insert the pile through canvas or duck backing, and a heavy cloth is glued to the back of the rug after completion. These rugs are handmade, but not handknotted, and therefore do not fit the definition of "Oriental Rugs"

sourced from " The Mystique of Oriental Rugs"

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