Thursday, April 12, 2012

Persian Mashad Carpets and Mashhad Rugs

The city of Mashad is the capital of the province of Khorassan in north east Iran. Mashad has a population of more than 3,000,000 and is located almost 900 kilometers, 560 miles to the north east of Tehran. The republic of Turkmenistan is to the north of Khorassan, while Afghanistan is to the east.  Mashad is a very famous carpet weaving center in Iran with a long history and rich tradition of rug weaving. Mashad rugs come in all sizes and color combinations. Red is the dominant color. The knots are asymmetrical and foundation of Mashad carpets are mostly cotton.

We sold this hand knotted Persian pile Mashad rug to a customer last week. The size of the rug was 8' x 11' and she wanted me to e-mail her the picture of the rug if possible. When I looked at the pictures, I found it stunning and like a postcard or postage stamp. I e-mailed the picture to this very dear client who has bought few rugs from us in the past few months and asked her to please take good care of this beauty and object of art on the floor. I just wanted to share the beauty of this signed Mashad carpet with the readers of my blog.

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