Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sisal Rugs vs Big Puppy

We went out last week to a customers house to pick up 2 Sisal Rugs for repair. The Sisal Rugs were only about 1-2 months old but it turns out that he recently introduced a Golden Retriever puppy into his home to join 2 other adult Golden Retrievers. The puppy is in teething mode and decided that the canvas and rubber backing of the Sisal in the living room would be a great chew toy. He broke strands of the Sisal Rug off and had started pulling the material out. Take a look at the pics below:
Our customer had great success with our cleanings in the past on his other Persian rugs and was now ready to put his Sisal rugs into our hands for repair. One of our repair weavers took the strands, reincorporated them into the braiding and then secured the area with very fine hand done sewing. Take a look at the repair below:
It is impossible to tell that our customers dog did ANYTHING to this Sisal rug and it now looks brand new. Our customer is delighted with the results and can't wait to see how his 2nd Sisal Rug turns out. The 2nd Sisal has damage done to canvas material that borders the entire rug and involves a completely different type of repair. So keep posted for a new blog on that repair within the next few days!

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