Monday, April 16, 2012

Unearthed Rugs - Part 1

In our quest to clean, repair & restore Persian, Oriental & area rugs we have come across an interesting job. A customer called a couple weeks ago and mentioned that he had 2 rugs that had been in his ownership for the last 30 years and had been previously handed down to him by his father. The rugs in question, however, were buried in an apartment that had almost no room to move due to boxes upon boxes of collectibles and paper that had overtaken the apt. 
The rug you see in the pictures above is a large 11' x 17" rug that was unearthed from the "filled to the brim" apartment. It has never been cleaned in the 30 years it has been owned by our customer and it was also the first time it has been uncovered and seen light in quite some time. We are going to do a complete cleaning and restoration on this rug so stay tuned for more on that as well as pics of the actual unearthing at the apartment and info on the other rug we uncovered (a beautiful Afshar piece - you can read more about Afshars at a previous blog post HERE). Stay tuned for more on these Unearthed Rugs!

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