Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tattered Kilim - Repair

Lots of people seem to be doing spring cleaning around their homes as we have seen a lot of customers bringing in rugs/carpets/kilims that they have found stored in the garage or tucked away in a closet. This kilim came in with that exact story, being stored in a garage for a few years before being rediscovered.
The kilim had multiple holes and tears and was in a sad state of disrepair. Along with a deep cleaning, our customer opted to have the ripped/torn pieces fixed so that the kilim could look new again. One of our weavers first made sure all the fragile parts of the kilim were secured (that's the white thread stitching you see around the hole/tear pics up above). After it went through our deep cleaning process we started the repair. Take a look at the finished repair work below:
The kilim is now in "like new" condition; it's no longer tattered & falling apart. Our customer was so happy with the results she is bringing in 2 other pieces she had stored in her garage for deep cleaning and repair. All in a day's work for us here at Rug Ideas!

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