Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Wool Rugs?

There are many reasons why I love wool rugs. Here I mention few of them:

1- Wool is natural grown up on sheep that graze in the nature in rug producing countries.
2- Wool is bio-degradable. This is a great asset to the environment.
3- Wool has long lasting look and appearance. It is durable and with good care and maintenance looks great for decades if not centuries.
4- It is slip free and safe. Kids,  and elderly can walk on them freely without fear of accidents. Pets can run over them as well without slipping.
5- Wool rugs are easy to wash and repair.
6- Wool rugs are great for insulation and can act like mattresses. You feel great when you walk on them with bare feet.

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Unknown said...

Wool Rugs are the ultimate luxury, the thick pile and ultra soft touch gives wool rugs the utimate designer appeal. Vibrant and rich colours and hand carved designs make this a touch of class for you home.