Thursday, February 21, 2008

Area Rugs and Oriental Rug Cleaning

It was Thursday today and we had a very busy day. A young man in early 20's who had come to our store few days ago asking for a business card, came in today with his mum. They bought 4 area rugs, big and small. A rug dealer from a neighboring town, two hours drive from Los Angeles came by to pick up two rugs he had left with us for cleaning and repair. He paid and left. A private customer who had left a Pakistani rug damaged by rats, showed up and picked up his repaired rug. He was so happy with the job we had done on the rug. He gave us another rug, this time a Persian Balouch for repair. This rug is severely damaged by moth.

We also received a big shipment of area rugs around noon. Another dealer also picked up a Persian antique Tabriz rug and a Pakistani rug. They needed minor repairs. He brought two other Pakistani rugs for repair. In the afternoon, another dealer from Orange County visited us. He paid for a balance he owed us for some rug cleaning and repairs.

Before we close our rug store around 6:00 pm, one lady came in and bought two 4' x 6' area rugs. Another lady also walked in and bought a 5 x 8 feet area rug and left. I went to the bank in the afternoon to deposit few checks I had received from different customers. It was a long and busy day.

Khosrow Sobhe

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