Saturday, February 2, 2008

Selling Few Area Rugs, Receiving Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Nepalee Rus, Tabriz Rugs for Cleaning

It was Friday yesterday and we were really busy. In the morning, we picked up several Persian rugs including two Tabriz rugs with silk foundation, a very old Kashan rug, a Koliaie rug for cleaning and some repair on the fringes, the ends. Before noon, we had several different customers who bought area rugs, mostly in the sizes of 4 x 6 and 5 x 8 feet. A returning customer who had bought an area rug of 8 x 11 bought two 8 feet runner and wanted us to sew them together so they become a 16-foot long runner. Our repair man who is on site did this for her without extra charge. It is very rare to fine an area rug runner of longer than 12 feet.

In the afternoon, a couple walked in and asked if we had parking so they could park to bring in many pieces of rugs they had for cleaning and repair. I said yes, it is beside our rug gallery with a big door to our store. They had 13 rugs and kilims of all kinds, . Some of them needed only cleaning, and few of them needed cleaning and repair on the fringes (ends) and selvages (sides). This couple had come from Malibu, a city near Los Angeles on the Ocean. They left the rugs and paid a deposit.

For a couple of weeks, we were exceptionally slow in traffic and the number of the customers. Apparently, people had spent so much before the holidays and for the Christmas and new year that did not have money in January to spend. They were waiting for their pay check to start shopping again. What ever the reason, we were busy and sometimes two different customers showed up at the same time. Hope other businesses pick up and people start buying and spending money.

Khosrow Sobhe


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