Monday, February 4, 2008

Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Area Rugs in Los Angeles

I browsed the Internet to see how many rug dealers who sell area rugs, Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are in Los Angeles. Each time I searched, I found different statistics. In one of the searches, I found 495 rug dealers in greater Los Angeles. I also searched to see if there is a rug society, association, or any kind of organization for this roughly 500 dealers. I could not find any which is specifically for the rug dealers. There are a couple of societies in which I am a member such as Textile Group of Los Angeles, TGLA, or another very active one called, the Textile Museum Associate of Southern California, but these two societies deal with textile and rug, and only a few, very few dealers are members. I wonder why rug dealers in Los Angeles do not have any kind of organization which can be a professional entity to protect them and also to try to create demand for rugs by different promotional activities. I have talked to a few friends and colleagues to study to see if we can establish such an organization.

Khosrow Sobhe

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