Monday, February 25, 2008

Oriental rug Blogs and OSCAR Academy Awards

Oriental rug blog may have nothing to do with OSCAR and the Academy Awards! I watched this event last night and was surprised, because four out of five nominated movies for the best picture were violent and dark movies, and only one was funny with no cruelty and killings. No wonder why we witness killings and shootings in the American towns and cities everyday, and recently killings of family members by other members of the same family. Where is Hollywood going and is this wood holly anymore?!

Why Hollywood does not pay attention to love, friendship, culture, art, humanity and so many other subjects? Aren't these topics attractive anymore? Can't Hollywood foster friendship instead of hatred? Should we sacrifice human values for the box offices and the sales records? Where are we heading and what do we expect from those who pay and watch these criminal, horrific movies. Are we going to witness love, passion, and understanding form these viewers?

Khosrow Sobhe

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