Friday, February 8, 2008

Tabriz Rug For Stain Removal, Pakistani Choubi Rug, and Area Rugs

It was a very busy day today that we could not have lunch. I had an appointment with a customer at 8:30 am. They had a Pakistani Choubi rug damaged by their dog. Part of the selvage on the side was chewn by their dog. we are supposed to fix the selvages on both sides plus the cleaning. They have another rug which should be picked up late after we deliver the first rug.

As usual, several visitors and customers came in at once. A lady walked in and bought 3 area rugs, 8 feet long runners. She lives in North Carolina. She paid for the runners plus shipping cost to be sent to her address there. She was so happy that we did not charge her sales tax because it was an out of state sale. A rug dealer visited us with a 10 x 14 Tabriz rug wool on silk foundation with water damage all over the top side of the rug. We are supposed to do the color restoration and bleeding removal. Another rug dealer sent a Pakistani rug with a color damage to be fixed. Two men also came in and bought a 5 x 8 area rug. Opening the packages of the area rugs we received yesterday was what we did the rest of the day.

Few other customers and people also visited us. A couple walked in looking for a 10 x 14 Persian rug with light green background and no blue. We had a piece that they liked, but the size was 9 x 12. We will try to find a 10 x 14 with the same color palette. Another customer, a lady came in with one 6 x 9 area rug and a 3 x 5 Persian baloutch rug for cleaning. She wanted to have a price quotation and estimate. I gave her a high quotation. I do not like the customers who want to shop around and do not care about the quality of the job and service we would provide. Usually, I give them a high estimate. It is their right to ask for an estimate, and it is also my right to give them a higher price so I do not get the job.

I went home at 7:00 pm.

Khosrow Sobhe

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