Thursday, February 14, 2008

Persian Kerman Rugs in Los Angeles

A lady came in the morning looking for a 10 x 14 Persian Kerman rug with very neutral and earth tone colors. I said the type of rug you're looking for might be from anywhere but Kerman. She said that she has other Kerman carpets at home and she loves the softness of the wool of Kerman rugs. She has looked for a rug like this all over Los Angeles and has not found any. I showed her few Kerman carpets that we had. She did not like any of them.

A couple who had bought two area rugs few days ago and had paid a deposit came to pick up the rugs. The lady said that they needed two runners and the man said no, we do not need runners. They argued for a few minutes, and fortunately, the woman was the winner of the game and the verbal fight. I sold two 8 feet runners to them.

At the end of the day and before we close, a lady stopped by and looked through the racks and the rugs. She said that she was not looking for anything in particular. She said that she passes by our store everyday and wanted to stop by one day to see what we have. She said her father was from Kerman and we talked about Kerman rugs. When she was about to leave, I gave her a package with a couple of booklets, and few other literatures on Persian and Oriental carpets. She thanked and left. She said that she would visit us in the future.

In the morning we went to a customer's house and picked up a very big 12 x 16 feet Nepal carpet for cleaning. We had cleaned this rug two years ago. It was not a very busy day.

Khosrow Sobhe

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