Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Area Rugs and Rug Cleaning

It was not a busy Monday for us yesterday. We only sold two 5 x 8 and one 8 x 11 area rugs. We also delivered few Persian Tabriz, Kashan, Turkoman, and Koliaei rugs which were picked up last week for cleaning and repair. The customer was satisfied with the quality of job but complained about the price. We charged them $2 per square foot with no pick up and delivery charges! Consider the price of gas, car repair and the men who should go pick up the rugs and then deliver them later. What do these customers think? Are these all free, or somebody pays for them? Their rugs were so dirty that needed several times of washing with ample water and soap. We should have charged them $3/SF or not getting the job at all. Some people spend money but they suffer and suffer and do not enjoy the service they receive. On the other hand, others spend and enjoy. I have had many customers who have tipped me when I delivered their cleaned/repaired rugs to show their appreciation. To respect them, I accepted the tip and thanked them.

Khosrow Sobhe

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